Ernie’s Reserve in Pukekohe to receive a clean-up



Stephen Arnet Pukekohe

Stephen Arnet of KOTR Ltd, the company contracted to Auckland Council for the de-silting of Ernie’s Reserve pond.

Ernie’s Reserve pond, named after former editor of Franklin County News, the late Ernie Alexander QSM, is being de-silted this week.

Stephen Arnet of KOTR Ltd, the company contracted to Auckland Council that will carry out the de-silting programme, apologises to residents in the Reynolds Road area for any inconvenience the project may cause.

Apologies for inconvenience

“It is the festive season but this is how Ernie’s Reserve fell in the programme, which is part of a number of ponds that we maintain in the Auckland area,” said Mr Arnet.

During the coming week there will be about 3,000 to 4,000 cubic metres of silt removed so trucks will be busy, moving between Ernie’s Reserve and a landfill in Tuakau.

“The best fed ducks around”

When asked how the project will affect the many ducks which live on the water, Mr Arnet said that, in his experience of working with council ponds, the ducks will disappear for a while until the water is replaced.

“It is great how they always come back once the pond is restored to normal.”

Roman Pukekohe

Roman Brotherton and his mum, Sandra, have recently arrived from Whitiands and they were up early in the morning to feed the ducks at Ernie’s Reserve in Pukekohe.

He added that the ducks in Ernie’s Reserve are “the best fed ducks in the world”.

“I am amazed at these ducks are fed by the public who seem to always be here with bags of bread. Obviously they buy the $1 a loaf specials at the supermarkets,” he chuckled.




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