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Preview Pukekohe

Staff of Preview in King Street were happy to take time out from a busy afternoon prior to Christmas Eve to have their photos taken: From left are Leigh Lambert, Lauren Roberts, Liz Hicks, Netty Bell and Brigitte Hicks.

As Christmas Eve approached, it was evident that the retail trade was finishing with a flourish in Pukekohe.

Shoppers were out in numbers buying last minute presents, or groceries, and the people at the coal face, the employees mainly, were doing a splendid job ensuring everyone went home satisfied.

We Love Pukekohe decided to take photographs of some of the hard-working retail staff members just to show them that they were appreciated.

Michael Hill Pukekohe

It was a busy time for the staff at Pukekohe’s Michael Hill Jeweller but they were all still smiling as Christmas Eve neared: from left are Rose Butler-Stoney, Mary-Rose Randall, Sita Karawa’kul, Abigail Wheeler, Jillian Dew (manager), Nancy Wan and Sarah-Jane Ogle.

Tribute to all

Obviously, it was not possible to get everyone but this page is meant as an appreciation to all those in Pukekohe’s retail trade who, by now, will have enjoyed a well-earned break.

Custom Threadz Pukekohe

We Love Pukekohe’s photographer arrived just as Fastways Couriers rep, Jo Filo (left), delivered his parcels to Custom Threadz in King Street. Greeting him were Asha Hari, Nilesh Singh and Mala Uka.

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